Top 10 questions to ask BEFORE you book your venue

“You have arrived.” 

You quit the navigation app, grab your bag and walk up to what could be the wedding venue of your dreams. It’s absolutely gorgeous! You take a stroll around the building, enjoy some laughs, check out some pictures and then before you know it, you’re back in your car and you realize you didn’t get any of your questions answered 🤦🏼‍♀️.

Don’t worry…you aren’t the only bride this has happened to! As a venue representative, I always begin the tour by encouraging my brides to ask any questions they have. During the tour, we will review pricing, catering options and more so by the time they get back in their car, they have all the info they need to make the best decision for them and their lovebug!

Unfortunately, I’ve heard of some brides that end up booking the wrong venue for them because they didn’t ask these 10 important questions.

1. Can I afford this venue?

This question should be the very first thing that you ask. Nothing is more stressful than starting to envision your dream wedding somewhere, only to realize that the price tag isn’t going to fit within your budget. At Ariel’s, we are proud of our pricing so it’s no problem for us to share it with you! If you go to a venue and they aren’t clear and upfront about their pricing, you might want to reconsider having your event there. 

2. Is this venue available at the date and time that I want?

Venues’ calendars fill up quickly, so be sure to ask if your potential venue has your date and time available. If you are flexible with your date, be sure to let your venue rep know this!

3. Is this venue big enough to accommodate my guest list?

Having all your friends and family at your big day is a must! Will your venue be big enough to accommodate everyone comfortably?

4. Are there any hidden fees?

I can’t emphasize this question enough! Hidden fees are a nasty trick that we personally feel like should be banished from the wedding industry entirely. You deserve a bottom line price so that there are no surprises for your wallet. We don’t have hidden prices. Like I mentioned before, we are proud of our pricing so we don’t need to hide anything from you;) When you are touring other venues though, be sure to ask about things like setup fees, cleaning fees, or other venue fees.

5. Is there enough parking for my guests?

You’ve asked all the above questions and check! Things are looking good! What about parking though? Will your guests have to park offsite? If so, will you need to arrange for transportation from this site to the venue? You don’t want your guests having to walk long distances in possibly not so great weather just to get to your wedding!

These are just half of the questions you should ask! To get the rest of the questions, download our nifty printable venue questionnaire! Be sure to take it with you on your venue tours!

Ready to come in and tour with us? We can’t wait to meet you! Schedule your tour today! See you soon!

2019 Wedding Trends

It’s hard to believe but the 2019 bridal season is already well on its way! Even though we’ve been in the wedding business since 2003, we know never to get too comfortable. Not only is each and every bride unique, so are the wedding trends for each year!

Are you a new bride? If so, here are the top 5, 2019 wedding trends that you won’t want to miss (also…congratulations because OMG you’re getting married ☺!!!).

1.  Grand floral installations

Photo Cred:  Express

Photo Cred: Express

If you happened to be able to tune into the last royal wedding, you might remember the striking extravagant floral arch at St. George’s Chapel. Floral installations are wonderful way to add natural beauty to your wedding. These show stoppers are sure to make a big impact.

2.  Dramatic lighting 

From amber up lighting to monograms, professional lighting has taken center stage in 2019 weddings. We love monogram lights in particular because not only are they a great way to customize your event, they are also budget friendly way to make a huge impact! (lighting done by Ambient Media)

3. Dark and moody color schemes

While neutrals continue to be a popular choice, we are seeing a new trend emerge as brides opt for darker decadent hues. Rich and deep greens, purples, and reds are the perfect way to communicate elegance and warmth to all of your guests to make them feel like the truly honored guests they are.

4. Statement cakes


Photo cred:  Bonnie Brunt Cakes

Photo cred: Bonnie Brunt Cakes

What exactly is a statement cake? It’s certainly not an ordinary cake. These cakes feature attention-grabbing layers that pop thanks to bright colors, metallics, and more. We are in love with this one from Bonnie Brunt Cakes here in Columbia, SC! (Check out our other favorite local vendors)

5.  Branding your wedding 

Photo cred:  By farr

Photo cred: By farr

From invitations, to place settings, we are seeing couples start to really brand their weddings by using either a monogram, or the same fonts and colors on details big and small in their wedding!

As trends come and go, we are here to support our brides year after year. Ariel’s Special Events we love helping ladies make their unique wedding dreams, a reality. Schedule your visit today!